English 6970

MA Thesis


Sal Talluto, "Constructive Postmodernism and Gravity's Rainbow," Spring 2012

Brandon McCoy, "The Beat Generation: A Spiritual Quest in the Before and After," Spring 2014

Matt Sweat, "The Greatest Practitioners: Agency and the Witness in Three Works by Cormac McCarthy," Summer 2014

Tess Lyle, "Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath," Spring 2016

Emily Allmond, "New Mother Nature: Deconstructing the Anthropocene and Feminine Constructions of the Natural World in the Age of Climate Crisis," Spring 2020

Leah Benton, Queer and Disability Studies Readings of Post-911 Batman Villains, Fall 2021

Committee Member

Adam Fletcher, "Towards a Vancean Ethic: The Ethical Tensions in the Science Fiction of Jack Vance," Spring 2011

Chris Cowan, "Crime and Punishment…and Spandex: an Examination of the Superhero as a Reflection of Social Attitudes toward Crime," Spring 2011

Cara Jackson, "Women Who Ride like People: Tracing Changes in Feminism in Sword and Sorcery," Spring 2011

Kathryn Livingston, "Maladaptive Daydreaming as a Creative Writing Tool: A Psychoanalytic Examination of The Tale of Genji and 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,'" Spring 2017

Mikaela LaFave, "Something Rotten: Space, Place, and the Nation in Hamlet and As You Like It," Summer 2018

Lindsey Poe, Spring 2019, "From Terrorism to Feminism: Examining the Development of the Live-Action Superhero Genre as Reflections of American Social and Political Fears Following the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks"


Three Semester Thesis Timeline

Semester One: During the summer before a spring defense, the candidate reads the primary texts and conducts a literature review of the subject matter.


Semester Two: During the fall before a spring defense, and by the end of the first week of classes, the candidate submits a 2 page proposal outlining the thesis (interpretation, chapters, etc.) and listing secondary sources to be used. By the middle of the term, the candidate submits the first 1/3 of the thesis and receives feedback for revision. Shortly before the end of the semester, the candidate submits the second 1/3 of the thesis and receives feedback for revision by finals week.


Semester Three: During the defense semester, the candidate submits the final 1/3 of thesis by the fourth week of the semester and receives feedback for revision. The candidate submits the revised and completed thesis to the advisor by the middle of the term and receives feedback. Once the thesis is ready to be defended, usually around Week 10-11, the candidate submits the thesis to the other committee members and defends her thesis sometime during Weeks 13-15.

Thesis Template

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