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The Department of English & Rhetoric Newsletter

1.4 May 2009

Friman, Alice. "Aiming Straight." Rev. of What Love Comes To: New and Selected Poems, by Ruth Stone. New Letters 75.2-3 (2009): 222-25.


---. "Alchemy" and "Dermatology." [Poems] Field 80 (2009): 114-15.


---. "At Land’s End" and "Working in Metal." [Poems] Image 61 (2009): 41-43.  


---. "Rock-a-Bye." [Poem] The Georgia Review 63 (2009): 121-22.


---. "Speaking in Ditto," "Assignment (post dated)," and "All Things Considered." [Poems] New Letters 75.2-3 (2009): 104-07.


Melançon, Megan, and Britney Reeves. The Southeastern Conference on Linguistics Electronic Newsletter May 2009:


Newbern, Laura. [Poems] Black Warrior Review 35.2 (2009).


---. [Poems] Stand 9.1 (2009).


---. [Poems] Zone 3 48 (2009).


Palmer, Eustace. Foreword. Sierra Leonean Theater. Ed. Iyonolu Osagie. Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, 2009.


Whitaker, Elaine E. Rev. of Plagiarism: Alchemy and Remedy in Higher Education, by Bill Marsh. Issues in Writing 17.1-2 (2007-08): 143-45.

Ashe, Brandie. "The Knight in 'Hell': Poena Damni in Book Two of The Faerie Queene." Southeastern Bridges in English Studies Conference. Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA. 25 Apr. 2009.


---.  "The Scarlet Letter: Walking in Hester's Wilderness." Southeastern Women's Studies Association Conference. Appalachian State University, Boone, NC. 3 Apr. 2009.


Friman, Alice. Reading for celebration of Earth Day and the release of latest issue of The Georgia Review (with Coleman Barks and Terry Rowlett). Athens, GA, 22 Apr. 2009.


---. Reading (with Judith Carson and Melissa Holm). A Capella Books / Opal Gallery, Atlanta, GA. 24 Apr. 2009.


Gentry, Bruce. "Approaches to 'A View of the Woods' and 'Everything That Rises Must Converge.'" Lecture to accompany production of Karin Coonrod’s play Everything That Rises Must Converge. Kennesaw State U, Kennesaw, GA. 17 Apr. 2009.


Lopez, Esther. "'Branches without Roots': Nature and Identity in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God."  23rd Annual MELUS Conference. Red Lion Hotel at the Park, Spokane, WA. 2 Apr. 2009. 


McElmurray, Karen. Panelist. Southern Fiction. Southern Kentucky Book Fest. Sloan Convention Center, Bowling Green, KY. 18 Apr.2009


---. Reading (with Tom Lux). West Georgia University. 1 Apr. 2009.


Melançon, Megan.  "Chicken and Egg Grammar." Southeastern Conference on Linguistics (SECOL). Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. 8 Apr. 2009.


Palmer, Eustace. Panelist and Chair. "The Agony and the Ecstasy: Sierra Leonean Dramatists' Confrontation with the Sierra Leonean Landscape." Foregrounding Sierra Leoneanan Literature I. 35th Annual African Literature Assoc. Conference. University of Vermont, Burlington, VT., 16 Apr. 2009.


---. Chaired Roundtable. "Publishing in America: A Workshop for Africa-based Scholars (ALA Executive Council Panel." 35th Annual African Literature Assoc. Conference. University of Vermont, Burlington, VT., 16 Apr. 2009.


Vail, Mark T. "The 'Cross-disciplinary Inspirational' Text: Textual Polyvalence and the Case of the Canonical 'Letter from Birmingham Jail.'" Southern States Communication Assoc. Marriott, Norfolk, VA. 2 Apr. 2009.


Zipperer, Eddie. Don't Fear the Reaper. Invermay School, Invermay, SK. 2 Apr. 2009.


---. Don't Fear the Reaper. Fairmount Public School, Fairmount, ND.  3 Apr. 2009.


---. Don't Fear the Reaper. Grand Junction High School, Grand Junction, CO. 23-24 Apr. 2009.


---. Don't Fear the Reaper. North Valleys High School, Reno, NV. 28-30 Apr. 2009.


---. Don't Fear the Reaper. Newport Harbor High School, Newport, CA. 29-30 Apr. 2009.

Zaring, Aimee. Rev. of The Motel of the Stars, by Karen McElmurray. 25 Apr. 2009:



David Muschell conducted creative writing workshops for Charles Hyatt's classes at Baldwin County High School on April 21.


Eustace Palmer had dinner (hosted by the President of University of Vermont) with Nobel Literature Laureate Wole Soyinka at the 35th Annual African Literature Association Conference at the University of Vermont, in Burlington on April 16.

Laura Newbern will give a reading of her work in June as part of the Word for Word Reading Series at the Bryant Park Reading Room in Manhattan.