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The Department of English & Rhetoric Newsletter

3.2 November 2010

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Friman, Alice. Reading. Decatur Book Festival. Decatur, GA. 4 Sept. 2010.


---. Reading and class visit. Franklin College. Franklin, IN. 8 Oct. 2010.


---. Workshop. Marian University. Sponsored by Writers' Center of Indiana. Indianapolis, IN. 10 Oct. 2010.


---. Reading. University of Indianapolis. 11 Oct. 2010.


---. Class visit. IVY Tech Community College. Indianapolis, IN. 12 Oct. 2010.


---. Reading, workshop, and panel discussion. "The Comedy of Survival." Sponsored by The Georgia Review. Bowers House Writers' Retreat and Center for Lifelong Learning. Canon, GA. 23 Oct. 2010.


Gentry, Marshall Bruce. Presentation promoting Flannery O'Connor in the Age of Terrorism, Eds. Avis Hewitt and Robert Donahoo (U of Tennessee P, 2010). The Book Lady Bookstore. Savannah, GA. 7 Oct. 2010.


---. Organizing chair for two O'Connor panels. American Literature Association Symposium on American Fiction since 1890. Savannah, GA. 8 and 9 Oct. 2010.


---. "O'Connor's Grotesque as a True Anti-Bourgeois Style." Contribution to panel discussion, "Flannery O'Connor and the Catholic Writer in the Protestant South." Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association. Albuquerque, NM. 15 Oct. 2010.


Newbern, Laura. 2010 Rona Jaffe Foundation Awards Reading. Visiting Writer's Reading Series. New York University, New York, NY. 24 Sep. 2010.


---. Kore Press Reading: Lovers, Lepers, and LA. Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY. 25 Sep. 25, 2010.

Alice Friman received two honorable mentions in the 2010 New England Poetry Club contests: for her poem "The Gift" (Firman Houghton Award competition) and her poem "Ars Poetica on Lava" (Gretchen Warren Award competition).


Laura Newbern won the 2010 Rona Jaffe Writer's Award, which includes $25,000 to work on her next book.


Karen McElmurray was Writer-in-Residence from October 11-16 at Indiana University, Bloomington. She taught a five-day class in memoir, gave a public reading on October 13, and delivered a lecture on October 14 entitled "Writing Rapture: Personal Stories and Universal Insights."


Eddie Zipperer's full length play, Nicolas the Worm, won the Charles M. Getchell New Play Award.

Marie Elliott's play, The Homestead Players, will be performed by Saarens Productions' "Shortly Thereafter.... An Evening of One Acts and Short Plays" in Bemidji, MN this spring.