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4.3 May 2012

Callender, Craig. "Neogrammarian Sound Change, Lexical Diffusion, and the Second Consonant Shift." North-Western European Language Evolution 64/65 (2012): 37-75. Print.


Dale, Janet. "Revelation." [Flash Fiction] The Medulla Review. 1 Mar. 2012. Web.

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Friman, Alice. "The Argiope." [Poem] Shenandoah 61.2 (2012). Web.


---. "Birthday Between Storms" and "Passing Strange." [Poems] The Chattahoochee Review 31.3 (2011): 71-72. Print. [Friman's statement about living in the South appears on iii-iv of the issue's introduction.]


---. "Eyesore." [Poem, reprinted] Entering the Real World: VCCA Poets on Mt. San Angelo. Ed. Margaret B. Ingraham and Andrea Carter Brown. Amherst, VA: Wavertree, 2011. 33-34. Print.


---. "Medea." [Poem, reprinted in ten-year-anthology issue] Southern Poetry Review 49.2 (2012): 50. Print.


---. "Re-reading Emerson." [Poem] Ekphrasis 6.1 (2012): 13-14. Print.


---. "Round and Around." [Poem] Boulevard 27.3 (2012): 129-31. Print.


Gentry, Marshall Bruce. Co-editor, with Craig Amason. At Home with Flannery O’Connor: An Oral History. Milledgeville, GA: Flannery O'Connor-Andalusia Foundation, 2012. Print. [Ten interviews with people who knew O'Connor when she lived at Andalusia. Gentry and Amason wrote the Preface, 1-5, Gentry and Alice Friman conducted the interview of Miller Williams, 31-41, and Gentry conducted the interview of Ashley Brown, 111-15. Prof. Emerita Sarah Gordon conducted the interview of Louise Abbot, 7-21, and, along with Amason, the interview of Jack and Frances Thornton, 105-09.]


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Brogdon, Joseph. "'I—I—I don't know': Language, Memory, and the Politics of Uncertainty in Brian Friel's Ballybeg Plays." University of Wisconsin-Madison Conference in Language and Literature English Department Graduate Student Conference University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. 2 Mar. 2012. Conference Presentation.


Callender, Craig. "Unshifted Forms from the Second Consonant Shift: Borrowing or Incomplete Lexical Diffusion?" MLA Annual Convention. Sheraton, Seattle, WA. 7 Jan. 2012. Conference Presentation.


---. "Voice Chat and Second Language Oral Proficiency." Southeast Decision Sciences Inst. 42nd Annual Meeting. Hilton, Columbia, SC. 1 Mar. 2012. Conference Presentation.


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Friman, Alice. Interview by Mike Wooten on Georgia College Connections, WRGC. Broadcast 12-19 Jan. 2012.


---. Reading. Georgia Center for the Book. Decatur Public Library, Decatur, GA. 17 Jan. 2012.


---. Reading. Poetry @ Tech Series. Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA. 8 Mar. 2012.


---. Reading. Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Amherst, VA. 4 Feb. 2012.


---. Reading and class visits. The Juilliard School, New York City. 25-26 Mar. 2012.


Gentry, Marshall Bruce. Talk about Academic Publishing. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, GA. 10 Feb. 2012.


---. Talk about Flannery O'Connor. Atlanta Alumni Club of Georgia College, Atlanta, GA. 11 Feb. 2012.


Lyda, Laurie. "Reporting the Prostitute: Victorian Newspapers and the Rhetoric of Prostitution." Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada. Inn at Laurel Point, Vancouver, British Columbia, Can. 27 Apr. 2012. Conference Presentation.


Marr, Jude. "Seriously Adrienne Rich." Georgia College Women's Studies Student Symposium. Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, GA. 12 Apr. 2012. Conference Presentation.


---. "Who?". Peacock's Feet Red Earth Reading Series. Blackbird Coffee House, Milldegeville, GA. 13 Feb. 2012. Reading.


McElmurray, Karen (with Adrian Blevins, Lisa Lewis and Crystal Wilkinson). "Writing Into the Forbidden: On Cultivating the Courage to Speak." Appalachian Studies Association Conference. Indiana University, Indiana, PA. 23-25 Mar. 2012. Panel Discussion.


McElmurray, Karen. Featured Writer. Tennessee Mountain Writers' Conference. DoubleTree Hotel, Oak Ridge, TN. 30-31 Mar. 2012. Workshops.


---. Featured Writer. Harriet Arnow Conference. Somerset Community College, Somerset, KY. 13 Apr. 2012. Reading and Workshop.


---. Special Guest. Speaking about Narrative Arc. Clear Creek Writers. Shelbyville, KY. 12 Apr. 2012.


Muschell, David. Final Stroke. Dir. Jeff Bushnell. North Park Playwrights Festival, San Diego, CA. March 2-24, 2012. Performance.


Palmer, Eustace. "Shakespeare's Hamlet: An Experimental Play." Theater Department, Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, GA. 8 Nov. 2011. Invited Lecture.


---. "From Angst to Agency: The Presentation of the Madonna/Madame/ Prostitute by Male Writers in the African Novel." Faculty Research and Teaching Colloquium Series. Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, GA 15 Feb. 2012. Address.


---. "In Pursuit of Excellence." Honors Day Celebration. Georgia Military College, Milledgeville, GA. 2 Mar. 2012. Keynote Speech.


---. "Syl Cheney-Coker, Relentless Champion of Human and Civil Rights: Reflections on Stone Child and Other Poems." 38th Annual Conference of the African Literature Association. Aldolphus Hotel, Dallas, TX. 12 Ap 2012. Conference Presentation.


---. "Roundtable: African Culture and Intellectual Property in the 21st Century." 38th Annual Conference of the African Literature Association. Aldolphus Hotel, Dallas, TX. 12 Ap 2012. Panel Discussion.


---. "Roundtable: So, You Defended the Dissertation? What Next? Job Panel with Mock Intervieiws." 38th Annual Conference of the African Literature Association. Aldolphus Hotel, Dallas, TX. 12 Ap 2012. Panel Discussion Chair.

Janet Dale's "Lineage of Secrets." was the Fiction Finalist for The Masters Review in February.


Alice Friman's poem "Diary of the Queen of Russia" is the basis for a song that is part of John Berman's "Cabaret Songs" performed 5 Mar. 2012 at the University of Indianapolis.


Emily Hope Price of the band Pearl and the Beard, based in Brooklyn, wrote and performed a song based on Alice Friman's poem "The Squirrel" in February:


Kitchen, Judith. "Tradecraft." Rev. of Alice Friman's Vinculum, along with books by Adam Foulds, Melissa Range, and Nick Lantz. The Georgia Review 65 (2011): 794-809. Print.


Karen McElmurray served as judge for the Lamar York Prize for Creative Nonfiction sponsored by The Chattahoochee Review at Georgia Perimeter College.

Karen McElmurray won the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award from Berea College, which will be presented in June.


Eustace Palmer received the African Literature Association's "Distinguished Member Award" at the 38th Annual Conference of the ALA for "Outstanding Service to the ALA and Exemplary Commitment to Teaching and Scholarship in African Literature."