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7.1 February 2015

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[Nominated for Pushcart Prize by Ekphrasis.]


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---. Performer. "1914: The Way (and What) We Read." National Communication Association Convention. Chicago, IL. 20-23 Nov. 2015.


---. Panelist. "Performance Festivals: Invaluable to the Tradition of Performance Studies." National Communication Association Convention. Chicago, IL 20-23 Nov. 2015.


Friman, Alice. Reading. Other Words Literary Conference. Florida Literary Arts Coalition. St. Augustine, FL. 7 Nov. 2014.


---. Reading and meeting with students. Midwest Poets Series. Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO. 30 Oct. 2014.


---. Reading. Penn State Erie, Erie, PA. 18 Sept. 2014.


---. Reading for release of Georgia Review issue. Cine BarCafe, Athens, GA. 18 July 2014.


---. Reading and meeting with students. West Chester University, West Chester, PA. 9 Apr. 2014.


---. Reading and talk. Poetry Out Loud. Jasper County High School, Monticello, GA. 24 Jan. 2015.


Gentry, Marshall Bruce. "Goodness!: An Introduction to Flannery O'Connor." St. Simons Literary Guild, St. Simons, GA. 10 Jan. 2015.


---. Panelist and Organizing Chair. "Navigating the Publication Process: Best Practices for Preparing Scholarly Journal Articles for Review." CELJ session at South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Atlanta, GA. 8 Nov. 2014.


---. Presentation in celebration of the publication of Jordan Cofer's book The Gospel According to Flannery O’Connor. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, GA. 23 Oct. 2014.


---. Panelist for discussion of writing grants in the liberal arts. Armstrong State University, Savannah, GA. 15 Oct. 2014.


---. "Flannery O'Connor and Criminal Neglect in Middle Georgia." Lecture for Arts Fest. Middle Georgia State College, Macon, GA. 26 Mar. 2014.


---. Panel member for discussion prior to screening of film Wise Blood. Georgia Historical Society. Lucas Theater for the Arts, Savannah, GA. 6 Feb. 2014.


MacLachlan, Jeffrey. "Music Boxes Jerking Black Ballerinas: A Selection of Poetry." Mature Poets Steal: A Presentation of Personal Poetry. National Graduate Creative Writing Conference. Carrollton, GA. 28 Mar. 2014. Reading.


Palmer, Eustace. "Defining the Sierra Leonean Writer: the Case of Aminata Forna." Fortieth Annual Conference of the African Literature Association. Wits University, Johannesburg, So. Afr. 9-13 Apr. 2014. Conference Presentation.


---. Chaired panel on "Ruins, Remainders, Residues: Sierra Leonean literature and the (De) Formation of Archives" Fortieth Annual Conference of the African Literature Association. Wits University, Johannesburg, So. Afr. 9-13 Apr. 2014. Panel Chair.


Shumake, Jessica L. "Breaking through Time in Images and Language: Ekphrastic Leaps in the Here and Now." Rhetoric Society of America. San Antonio, TX. 24 May 2014. Conference Presentation.


---. "Behind Bars: Incarcerations of the Body, Mind, and Heart." Odyssey Storytelling Series. Fluxx Studio and Gallery, Tucson, AZ. 5 June 2014. Performance.

---. "Methods of Archival Research." Presentation for Dr. Michael O. Riley's Graduate Research Methods course. Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, GAa. 22 Sept. 2014. Invited Talk.


---. "#Write My Community." Campus-Wide Literacy Event for Georgia College's Inaugural Celebration of the National Day on Writing. Milledgeville, GA. 20 Oct. 2014. Event Organizer.


Whitaker, Elaine, and Marshall Bruce Gentry. "Flannery O'Connor's Boy Bishops." International Society for the Study of Medievalism. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. 25 Oct. 2014.


Yaghoobi, Claudia. "The Evolution of Hijab in Modern Iran." Women's Politics and Religion in the Muslim Middle East Panel. Iranian Studies Initiative. UC Santa Barbara, CA. 20 Feb. 2014. Invited Talk.


---. "How to Prepare a Teaching Portfolio." Comparative Literature Program, UC Santa Barbara, CA. 20 Feb. 2014. Job Market Workshop.

---. "The Ideal of Beauty in Medieval and Post-Medieval Persian Culture: Jami's Yusuf and Zulaikha." International Society for the Study of Medievalism. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. 24 Oct. 2014. Conference Presentation.


---. "Despised, Yet Desired: Temporary Marriage in Ebrahim Golestan's 'Esmat's Journey.'" Middle East Studies Association. Washington, DC. 25 Nov. 2014. Conference Presentation.

---. "New Approaches to Love in Medieval Persian Poetry: Critical Interventions." Modern Language Association. Vancouver, Can. 9 Jan. 2015. Conference Panel Chair.


---. "The Exiled Figure in Nizami's Laila and Majnun and Jami's Yusuf and Zulaikha." Modern Language Association. Vancouver, Can. 9 Jan. 2015. Conference Presentation.

Rachael Burke (MA Graduate) has been admitted, with an assistantship, to the PhD program in Composition Studies at George Mason University.


Alice Friman served as the Final Judge for the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, BkMk Press, U of Missouri-Kansas City, 2014.


Her poem, "Two Pink Shells / Pink Shell" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Ekphrasis.


Friman, Alice. Rev. of The View from Saturn. By Tariq al Haydar. The Rumpus 5 Dec. 2014. Web. <>

---. "'View from Saturn' Proves an Electrifying Experience." Rev. of The View from Saturn. By Sonja James. The [Martinsburg, WV] Journal, 2 Oct. 2014.


Melissa Hardman (MA Graduate) has accepted a teaching position in the English Department at Central Georgia Technical College. She also works for the Macon Convention and Visitors Bureau.


For the second year in a row, Eustace Palmer was Georgia College's Case Professor of the year nominee for the Case Professor of the year award


Sarah Lenz's essay "Lightning Flowers" (Colorado Review, Fall/Winter 2013) was named a notable essay in Best American Essays 2014.


Jessica L. Shumake received a Community-Based Engaged Learning Apprentice Grant and a Faculty-Student Interaction Grant to support high school/college curriculum integration.


Eileen Totter (MA Graduate) has accepted a teaching position in the English Department at Athens Technical College.


Darbyshire Witek (BA Literature Graduate) was accepted into the prestigious Teach for America program and assigned to teach elementary school in Arkansas for the next two years.


Claudia Yaghoobi was the recipient of The 2014 Hammed Shahidian Critical Feminist Award for her paper "Temporary Marriage and Female Sexuality in Ebrahim Golestan's 'Esmat's Journey'" at The Iranian Women's Studies Foundation in July 2014.


She received a mini grant from the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity to organize a talk by Persis Karim in Fall 2014.


She has also been chosen to teach for European Council Study Abroad Program in Paris in Summer 2015.

Marshall Bruce Gentry wants to thank the Department for its cooperation during "Reconsidering Flannery O'Connor," the NEH Summer Institute we hosted throughout July.  Graduate students Laura Martin, Jim Owens, Claire Helakoski, Chelsie Buckley, Ben Mitchell, Christine Amezquita, and Eileen Totter were excellent employees who helped our 24 Summer Scholars, visiting faculty from throughout the US. Martin Lammon and Alice Friman gave beautiful poetry readings. Melinda Martin graciously assisted with bureaucratic necessities at a moment's notice. Graduate student Sarah Lenz provided catering services, especially. for the 4th of July. Some of you recruited and entertained for the Institute, and many of you joined us for lectures and social events, especially the opening reception hosted by Elaine Whitaker. The Institute was a great success. I hope many of the Summer Scholars will be back in town for our next O'Connor conference, "Flannery O'Connor and Other Southern Women Writers," 17-19 Sept. 2015.