English 6971

MFA Thesis

Committee Member

Park Parkison, Real Imaginary People (creative non-fiction), Spring 2009

Marie Elliott, Table for Two (play), Spring 2010

Leah Norton, The Hunter-Gatherer and Other Poems (poetry), Spring 2010

Will Torrey, Anything But Easy: Eight Stories (short stories), Spring 2010

Nathan Tucker, Troubled (short stories), Spring 2010

Evan Allgood, 'Do and Dave (screenplay), Spring 2011

Zach Burkhart, Starting Something Ancient (poetry), Spring 2011

Josh Ruffin, The Way They Smoked (poetry), Spring 2011

Matt Jurak, Words like Beauty and Other Stories (short stories), Spring 2012

Roger Sollenberger, Regeneration (novel), Spring 2012

Valerie Wayson, I'm a Person, Not a Chicken (memoir), Spring 2012

Emily Hansen, The Burden of Legs (poetry), Spring 2013

Chelsea Henshey, Hurricane (novel), Spring 2014

Rori Hoatlin, Near Drowning (memoir), Spring 2014

Daniel Plunkett, Land of the Pines (novel), Spring 2014

Chelsie Buckley, Terms & Conditions (short stories), Spring 2015

Claire Helakoski, Experiments in Humanity (novel), Spring 2015

Shane Moritz, The Gullslayer (short stories), Spring 2016

Will Gerdes-McClain, Differents: Essays About a Human (and Also Humans) (essays), Spring 2021

Courtney Schmidt, Ya Basta and Other Stories (short stories), Spring 2022