Job Market

The job application process is basically the same as applying to graduate school with these two key differences. Whereas graduate school applications require a statement of purpose, the job application requires a cover letter, curriculum vita, and often teaching materials. Whereas most graduate school applications are due between December 1 and January 15, the job market is open nearly year round with the bulk of due dates between mid-October and mid-April.


This handout outlines the steps undertaken to apply for a job, with supplement information about doctoral applications. If you are applying for creative writing fellowships and residencies, certain aspects of the timeline and materials may be slightly different but the process and bulk of the materials essentially the same. See creative writing faculty for information about fellowships and creative writing curriculum vita.

Job Search Timeline

Job Search Documents

Job Postings

AWP Job List (see Marty Lammon for passwords)

MLA Job Information List (see Alex Blazer for passwords)

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Fellowships and Residencies

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Timothy L. Marsh: 2011 compilation

Poets & Writers: Residencies Database


ADE and ADFL Online Job Counseling

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MLA: Checklist for Job Seekers

OWL: Writing the Curriculum Vita

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