There are a number of ways to prevent plagiarism, many of which coincide with the principles of the writing process we teach in 1101 and 1102.


For example, instructors can assign informal writing that breaks the paper down into manageable steps for student writers that also can be easily reviewed by composition instructors. For example, assign a thesis, an introduction, an outline, and/or an annotated bibliography before assigning the first draft.


Another means to assure academic honesty is to use originality, also known as plagiarism courseware such as SafeAssign or TurnItIn. While instructors can and do type in suspect passages into an internet search, TurnItIn allows instructors to check entire papers, either from a particular student or a whole class, for originality and sourcing. Moreover, TurnItIn can be used by students to check their originality and source before formally submitting an assignment. If you do plan to regularly use originality software, you must note that fact in your syllabus. Even if you do not plan to do so, you should nonetheless consider putting the statement on your syllabus in case you change your mind later in the semester.


UGA Office of Information Technology has decided for the fourth year in a row to not turn on the SafeAssign module or the TurnItIn module in GeorgiaVIEW (this allows originality courseware to be integrated into regular courseware without the necessity of another username and password); therefore, instructors who wish to use originality software must sign up for the courseware using a GCSU site licence (contact Wesley Smith, wesley.smith@gcsu.edu), create TurnItIn courses and assignment dropboxes, and enroll students in the TurnItIn courses themselves. Beginning Fall 2012, GCSU's TurnItIn license includes Gradebook, GradeMark, and PeerMark.


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