Roles and Responsibilities of Students/Advisees

Read the Advising Handbook and the assorted documents on the Center for Student Success website.


From the CoAS advising plan template: "As an advisee, you have clear responsibilities in the advising partnership in order to be successful:

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Core Curriculum Requirements

English Major, Literature Concentration Requirements

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Advising Appointment


At least one week before registration, check for holds (parking tickets, library books, immunization, high school transcripts, etc) in DegreeWorks. If you do not correct your holds before registration opens, you will will not be able to register on time and you will probably not be able to take your preferred classes.

Course Availability

The day before registration, recheck course availability for your preferred classes, if necessary revise your schedule planning sheet.


My office hours are available online; and I email an advising appointment reminder two weeks prior to registration.


Bring your completed schedule planning sheets to the meeting: Use the semester planning sheet to plan your schedule for the next semester. Fill out the degree completion sheet to plan your progress to degree semester-by-semester. I will advise you on your course selection, but I will not help you pick your classes and I will not release your advisor hold until I receive your completed schedule planning sheets.


Note that advisors cannot add students to filled classes, only the instructor of record can grant a seat modifier. The role of the advisor is to counsel you on your degree path, navigate the institutional bureaucracy, and release your advising hold for registration.

Letters of Recommendation

Undergraduate students, graduate students, and Teaching Fellows click here to learn about letters of recommendation.