Teaching Fellows 2010-2011


Convocation Book




We will hold triweekly meetings on Wednesdays during the common meeting time, 12:30-1:45PM. Let me know beforehand if you have any issues that you want added to the agenda.


Fall 2010 Date Agenda/Location

R, 8-12

F, 8-13


Week 1
M, 8-16

Meeting: Optional meeting for for setting up courseware (bring your laptops)

Week 2
W, 8-25

Tuesday, 8-24: No Show Attendance Due

Week 3
W, 9-1

Meeting: Sign Ups, Book Orders, Creative Writing vs Composition, First Two Week Stories

Week 4
W, 9-8
Week 5
W, 9-15

Week 6

W, 9-22
Week 7
W, 9-29

Meeting: Midterms, Consensuals, Sign Ups, Prejudices, Book Orders, Textbook Committees

Week 8

W, 10-6

Midterm Grades Due at 9:00AM

Textbook Adoption Committee meets at 12:00PM in A&S 330

Week 9
W, 10-13
Week 10
W, 10-20
Week 11
W, 10-27

Meeting: 1102, Plagiarism

Week 12

W, 11-3
Week 13
W, 11-10

Job Market Meeting

Week 14
W, 11-17

Meeting: Early College, Student Opinion Surveys, Final Grades

Week 15
W, 11-24

Thanksgiving Break

Week 16
W, 12-1
W, 12-8



Spring 2011 Date Agenda/Location
Week 1
W, 1-12
Week 2
W, 1-19

Meeting: Teaching Literature

Week 3
W, 1-26
Week 4
W, 2-2

No Meeting: TFs at AWP and Coordinator at UCC

Week 5
W, 2-9

No Meeting: AWP Receipt Meeting for TFs

Week 6

W, 2-16

Meeting: Teaching Statements, Book Adoptions

Week 7
W, 2-23

Week 8

W, 3-2

Midterms Due T, 3-1 at 9:00AM

Week 9
W, 3-9


Week 10
W, 3-16


Week 11
W, 3-23

No Meeting: Spring Break

Week 12

W, 3-30
Week 13
W, 4-6

Meeting: Next Year's Teaching Fellows Invited

Week 14
W, 4-13


Week 15
W, 4-20
Week 16
W, 4-27
W, 5-4



Coordinator Observations

Fall 2010 Instructor Date/Time/Room

Weeks 1-2


Zach Burkhart W, 8-25, 11:00-12:15, A&S 351A

Weeks 3-4


Rachel Marsom R, 9-9, 12:30-1:45PM, A&S 351B

Weeks 5-6


JT Torres M, 9-20, 10:00-10:50AM, A&S 340B

Weeks 7-8


Matt Jurak R, 10-7, 9:30-10:45AM, Parkhurst 126

Weeks 9-10


Josh Ruffin W, 10-13, 10:00-10:50AM, A&S 150

Weeks 11-12


Ashley Emmert T, 11-2, 12:30-1:45AM, A&S 254

Weeks 13-14




Spring 2011 Instructor Date/Time/Room

Weeks 3-4



Weeks 5-6


Evan Allgood T, 2-15, 12:30-1:45PM A&S 340B

Week 8


Roger Sollenberger

W, 3-9, 10:00-10:50AM A&S 351B

Weeks 9-10


Rebecca Hazelwood T, 3-15, 9:30-10:45AM A&S 150

Week 12






Weeks 13-14


Stephan McCormick R, 4-7, 11:00-12:15PM A&S 243

Peer Observations

Instructor Observed By Date
Allgood, Evan Valerie Wayson 11/11
Burkhart, Zach    
Emmert, Ashley Matt Jurak 9/9
Hazelwood, Rebecca Cara Jackson c.11
Hauser, Nathan Sal Talluto 9/14
Hogelin, Abby Brittany McClearen 9/15
Jackson, Cara Rebecca Hazelwood c.11
Jurak, Matt Ashley Emmert / Valerie Wayson 9/30 / 10/28

Marsom, Rachel

Matt Jurak 1/26
McClearen, Brittany Abby Hogelin 9/14
McCormick, Stephan    
Ruffin, Josh Roger Sollenberger  
Sollenberger, Roger Josh Ruffin  
Talluto, Sal Rachel Marsom 11/23
Torres, Jonathan Sal Talluto 11/10
Wayson, Valerie Evan Allgood  

Assignment in Common

Instructors Assignment Due Date
Allgood, Evan Research Paper / Valerie Wayson 11-4
Burkhart, Zach    
Emmert, Ashley Narrative Essay / Matt Jurak 9-7
Hazelwood, Rebecca Personal Essay / Cara Jackson 9-13
Hauser, Nathan ? / Sal Talluto 10-7
Hogelin, Abby Comparison & Contrast / Rachel Marsom 11-9
Jackson, Cara Personal Essay / Rebecca Hazelwood 9-9
Jurak, Matt Narrative Essay / Ashley Emmert & Brittany McClearen 9-3

Marsom, Rachel

Comparison & Contrast / Abby Hogelin 11-9
McClearen, Brittany Narrative Essay / Ashley Emmert & Matt Jurak 9-3
McCormick, Stephan Personal Essay / JT Torres  
Ruffin, Josh Personal Essay / Roger Sollenberg 10-6
Sollenberger, Roger Personal Essay / Josh Ruffin 10-6
Talluto, Sal ? / Nathan Hauser 10-7
Torres, Jonathan Personal Essay / Stephan McCormick  
Wayson, Valerie Research Paper / Evan Allgood 11-4

Book Orders

Spring 2010 Instructor Reader Rhetoric Supplement
Allgood, Evan Schilb and Clifford, Making Literature Matter Moore, Watchmen
Burkhart, Zach Madden, Exploring Literature  
Emmert, Ashley Schilb and Clifford, Making Literature Matter Yamashita, Tropic of Orange
Hazelwood, Rebecca Madden, Exploring Literature Roy, The God of Small Things
Hauser, Nathan      
Hogelin, Abby not teaching    
Jackson, Cara Madden, Exploring Literature Dela Barca, Life Is a Dream
Jurak, Matt Madden, Exploring Literature Mones, The Last Chinese Chef
Marsom, Rachel Schilb and Clifford, Making Literature Matter none
McClearen, Brittany      
McCormick, Stephan Madden, Exploring Literature Bellow, Seize the Day
Ruffin, Josh Madden, Exploring Literature McCarthy, The Road
Sollenberger, Roger Madden, Exploring Literature Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises
Talluto, Sal      
Torres, Jonathan Madden, Exploring Literature Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan
Wayson, Valerie Madden, Exploring Literature Moore, Watchmen


Fall 2011 Reader Rhetoric Supplement
Bohnhorst, Elizabeth Latterell, Remix Kennedy, Writing and Revising  
Chamison, Emily Latterell, Remix Kennedy, Writing and Revising  
Cossey, Melissa Latterell, Remix Kennedy, Writing and Revising  
Dale, Janet Latterell, Remix Kennedy, Writing and Revising  
Hansen, Emily Latterell, Remix Kennedy, Writing and Revising  
Hazelwood, Rebecca Cooley, Back to the Lake Kennedy, Writing and Revising  
Hogelin, Abby Lunsford, Everything's an Argument: With Readings  
Jurak, Matt Miller, The Eater Reader Kennedy, Writing and Revising  
McCormick, Stephan      
Richards, Michelle Latterell, Remix Kennedy, Writing and Revising  
Sandella, TJ Latterell, Remix Kennedy, Writing and Revising  
Sollenberger, Roger Latterell, Remix Kennedy, Writing and Revising Sedaris, Dress Your Family in Corduroy
Torres, Jonathan Lunsford, Everything's an Argument: With Readings  
Wayson, Valerie Kelly, The Seagull Reader: Essays Kennedy, Writing and Revising